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 Custom Art Fitted for you 

Beautiful Body Art at Your Local Tattoo Studio in Sacramento, CA

Diamondink Tattoos is a local tattoo studio in Sacramento, CA, featuring award-winning artist, Stephen Bailey, along with the very talented Marcelia Dominguez; both of whom are dedicated to safe, high-quality body art and modification. Our Midtown studio offers custom tattoos, scar and stretch mark covering, as well as pop art and still art created by our tattooists. Stephen Bailey, Maricelia Dominguez, Chyna Anzaldua, Tony Davis, and Diana Cuezas (apprentice) love their work and deliver a range of styles so each client can get the perfect tattoo from talented, passionate artists in a safe environment. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find a tattoo artist near me?” your search is over.

About Us

Diamondink Tattoos is home to two skilled tattoo artists with combined experience of 12 years. We keep our tattoo studio clean, and we've recently renovated the space to be more welcoming and show our work more effectively. That means there are private tattoo rooms for your privacy and comfort, and televisions with over 1000 movies to keep you entertained while you wait or sit for your session. The artists here have been to three conventions representing Diamondink Tattoo in San Mateo, Pomona, and Central California, and they've won many awards for the studio and their beautiful body art. If you're looking for a skilled, reputable tattoo artist for your next piece, contact us and schedule your consultation today.

Define Your Style with Custom Tattoos

It's time to show off your best side. Tattoos are a great way to express yourself. Whether you aim to make a statement, tell a story, or highlight your personality, body art makes the difference. Let us bring your ideas to the front. Our tattoo studio in Sacramento, CA, provides a safe and welcoming space to create art.

A Collaborative Approach to the Perfect Ink

Whether you're coming in for your first ink or want to bring a big idea forward, you can count on us to realize your vision. Our tattoo artists are trained and experienced in a variety of artistic styles, including cartoons, pop icons, and photorealism.

Tattoos are a testament to your life and your experiences. We understand that when you commit to getting inked, you want the best tattoos possible. That's why we prioritize personalization and customizability in everything we create. Our artists listen to your ideas first. Then, you and your tattoo artist will work together to design a work of art that matches your preferences. We'll do sketches, discuss ideas, and lock in the details. We do everything necessary for you to walk out with a stunning work of body art. Our studio hosts talented and seasoned artists. Check out our tattoo work, schedule a consultation, and let's create together.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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