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A professional tattoo artist in Sacramento, CA

Schedule a Custom Tattoo Appointment in Sacramento, CA

We offer top-quality tattoo designs for women and men, and getting a custom tattoo at Diamondink Tattoos is a simple process. Just schedule a tattoo appointment in Sacramento, CA, for your consultation and leave a $50 deposit. During the consultation, we'll take your ideas and draw up some artwork for you. We can send the results to your email or text it to you, or you can review it in person. You can make changes at this time or, if you like what you see, schedule tattoo appointments to get the work done.

Schedule a tattoo appointment in Sacramento, CA, today


Tattoo appointments will usually be set for about two weeks after the review, and custom tattoos can take between 8 and 20 hours for larger pieces. If necessary, you can schedule repeating appointments depending on how well you can sit for a tattoo. If you can take the pain and sit for a long time, some tattoos can be finished in a day. When making your appointment, we'll discuss your payment options, which include credit cards and cash.

Get Ready For Your Tattoo

Please remember to eat a big meal before your tattoo. This will ensure your body can tolerate the tattoo as well as possible. Additionally, if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if you have taken ibuprofen or Tylenol, we will not be able to tattoo you. These can cause adverse effects, such as increased bleeding and other problems which can make the process take longer or even not be possible. We'd rather give you the very best service and really good tattoos, so please come to your appointment sober.

Customize Your Body

Are you ready to enhance your body with color and originality? Diamondink Tattoos adds personality to your body with fully customized tattoos that say it like you mean it. Express yourself, make a statement, or immortalize a memory by coming to our tattoo studio. Using bold colors or the traditional colors -- the choice is yours -- we approach designing your new tattoo with an artistic eye. After all, we want your tattoo to be absolutely perfect. To see samples of our work, view our two tattoo galleries: Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.

Express Yourself with Body Art

Get inspired when you visit our tattoo studio. We believe that your life should be a free expression of who you are. The only limit is your creativity. And even then, we can help you with that. Our tattoo artists have many years of experience in the industry. You’ll see that we are an open-minded, creative team that is open to all your ideas. There are no limits. Whether you want a sleeve tattoo, an arm or foot tattoo, or a tattoo in a more intimate place, we can do it. It’s your body and your choice. Let us help you express yourself.

Contact us to schedule a tattoo appointment at our studio. We proudly serve customers throughout Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas.